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Special Events & Dedications

Life is full of special events and we try to a good job capturing those moments in time with pictures and videos.  Having a central location to store everything surrounding that event is always a challenge. The qrMemoryTag gives you a way to store everything in reference to that event. You can affix the qrMemoryTag to different moments that will allow others to simply scan and enjoy the event or special time once again.

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Just imagine this special day has passed, and you are looking at everything from the engagement pictures to the video of the first toast and the Father-Daughter dance. You want to store and easily share everything with others. Now with qrMemoryTag, you can safely store and share all of these special moments with friends and family.

Life Events 


Life is full of special events. Everything from the birth of a child and then all of the events that follow. The first day of Kindergarden to the homecoming football game. We all have pictures and videos of all the special moments and now you have a place to store and share these moments in time. qrMemoryTag can be used to store and share these special moments.

Dedication Events

Just imagine for a moment, you walk up to the plaque that was dedicated to your grandmother 50 years ago. You take out your phone and you scan the qrMemoryTag and instantly you are transported back in time. You are able to look at all the pictures and videos from that day.  qrMemoryTag helps communities bring their historical monuments and plaques to life through pictures, video and sound!

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