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Cemetery & Monuments

Cemeteries are a rich source of history. In years past as I have walked through cemeteries, I often wondered how many stories were buried with the deceased. We all love to hear stories of our family and friends. Now through qrMemoryTag you can record the pictures, video, audio and memories and allow others to keep hearing the stories and allow there memory to be strengthened in the hearts of those that list the grave.



Our Cemeteries hold so much history both of itself and those that have chosen this as their final place of rest. qrMemoryTag has a multitude of uses within a cemetery. It can be used to tell about different sections of the cemetery, rules and regulations or just general information. It provides a way to give the public information in an easy way.



Monuments are a time tested method of paying honor a respect to the deceased. The problem is the deceased's story can not be told in its entirety on a sandblasted or etched stone. When you attach a qrMemoryTag to a monument it brings it to life. Now those that choose to visit the monument can see and even here the deceased in their own words.

Memory Benches

Memory Benches are used in a multitude od different uses. Some may use the benches in a family plot while others may using it for a "headstone". Either way, you can attach a qrMemoryTag and have a central point of information that is easily accessible from you smartphone.

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