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Cremation & the qrMemoryTag

Cremation offers greater flexibility when planning services and memorials. However, guardianship of the cremains (ashes) is presenting a bigger issue than most expected. The qrMemoryTag accomplishes several goals with cremation and the identification of the cremains as well as attaching the life and memories to the urn itself, memorial options, and cremation niches.

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Urns & Keepsakes 


Now you can attach a life to an urn. By attaching the qrMemoryTag to the urn you bring it to life by linking it directly to the memorial page. The qrMemoryTag also allows another way to positively identify the cremains associated with the urn.

Veteran Flag Cases


A Veterans Flag case is a very important part of history. Unfortunately, most flag cases are not marked or tagged even with the veteran's name. Now, with a qrMemoryTag, you can attach the life of the veteran to the flag case. You can also slide a qrMemoryTag inside the flag to ensure positive identification in the event that the flag ever became separated from the flag case.

Cremation Niches & Monuments 

Cremation gives many options when speaking about "permanent placement. Some choose to bury the urn at a cemetery with a monument. Others may choose a private family cremation niche. While others may choose a community-style niche in a Memorial Park. Whichever choice is made, qrMemoryTag allows you to attach a lifetime of memories to that monument or niche.

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