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Introducing the qrMemoryTag + Tribute Site: A Lasting Tribute to Honor Memories

Package Includes One 2" x 2" Black Anodized Aluminum qrMemoryTag and One Tribute Site


The qrMemoryTag is a durable, weather-resistant digital memorial designed to keep the memory of your loved ones alive for generations. Crafted to withstand the elements, this innovative tag can be securely attached to a headstone, veteran's flag case, or cremation urn.


With just a simple scan using a smartphone camera, family, friends, and visitors are immediately taken to a personalized tribute site. This digital space is dedicated to celebrating the life of your loved one, featuring their obituary, the location of their final resting place, and a rich gallery of photos and videos that capture their most cherished moments.


The tribute page doesn't just preserve memories; it allows them to grow. Visitors can contribute to the memorial by uploading their own pictures, videos, and messages, creating a living, evolving homage that strengthens the bonds of memory and community.

Whether you are near or far, the qrMemoryTag keeps you connected to those who matter most, ensuring that their stories and spirits are never forgotten.

qrMemory Tag + Tribute Web Page

$149.00 Regular Price
$69.00Sale Price
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