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Dog Walker at the Park

Unique Pet Tags

I love my pets! The worst feeling in the world is when they get off the leash and get lost. The anxiety of not knowing where they are and if they will be found is hard. The other thing is, that we have older dogs that are on medications.  If they are lost and found and haven't had their medication how will anyone know what to do for them? Now you can place a simple QR code on your pet's tag that links to their web page. You can place all of their vital information on their own webpage along with medications and their vet to ensure that they can get the care they need. No particular app or scanner is needed. Simply use the camera on your smartphone.

Here is the Tag
Example Pet Page
Dog's Portrait

Hello, My Name Is


Thanks for finding me! Here is all of my information!

My Medications
My Veternarian
Town & Country Veterinarian Clinic
44 AEDC Road
Winchester, TN 37398
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