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The qrMemoryTag is a unique and innovative product that allows you to preserve memories and special moments for generations to come. This small, stainless steel tag measures 2"x2" and can be attached to a variety of objects, including cemetery monuments, cremation urns, veterans flag cases and more. With the qrMemoryTag, you can easily access memories and important information simply by scanning the tag with a smartphone or other device.

Imagine visiting a cemetery generations from now and being able to hear the voice of a loved one or ancestor simply by scanning the qrMemoryTag. This powerful tool allows you to connect with the past in a way that was previously impossible, making it an invaluable resource for preserving memories and honoring loved ones. Whether you are commemorating a wedding or dedication ceremony, honoring a veteran, or simply remembering a loved one, the qrMemoryTag is an excellent way to keep those memories alive.

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Cremation & Urns

Now you can place the qrMemoryTag on urns to both identify and tell the story of your loved one.

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Cemeteries & Monuments

The qrMemoryTag allows visitors to the cemetery to scan the tag and see pictures, videos, and sounds of the loved one.

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Special Events & Dedications​

Now you can keep those special days forever. With qrMemoryTag you can have one place that can store all of the pictures videos and sound from that special day.

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